Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting…???

A space oddity for your mental orbit:

What is this island’s fascination with Kung Fu?

If you know, let me know.

Here is a slice of life of the only-Blockbuster-on-the-Island’s goodies:

Two Rows of Kung Fu, Not Overly Unusual

Three "Extra" Rows, in the Middle of the Main "New Releases" Wall. Highly Unusual.

Unscientifically, this amounts to roughly:

40%  New-ish Releases

40% Kung Fu

20% Miscellaneous

Don’t get me wrong, I have had a thing for Sonny Chiba ever  since Chris and I first met and bonded over our shared love of “True Romance.”

Truly Romantic, and with a lovely Kung Fu double feature scene.

I just didn’t expect to see such large-scale embracing of it on a Caribbean island.

My dreamer’s soul says it has something to do with the Moko Jumbies.  Moko Jumbies (I’ve also seen it spelled Mocko) are lavishly-dressed stiltwalkers who represent the ancestors of the West Indian people.

As the “Guardians of Culture,” Moko Jumbies possess such purity of  poise while dancing, jumping, and performing other such feats of physicality, that it is difficult to watch them without holding your breath in sheer awe.

Mocko Jumbies, one doing a backbend wtf!

These dudes have such incredible mastery of body and mind— are so revered and mystical— that it seems to makes sense that the Kung Fu cornerstones of grace and strength would appeal to the spirit of this culture.  Pretty neat.

Or maybe some Blockbuster employee is a real nerd.  And that’s fine by this dork.


One response to “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting…???

  1. lol that made me think of the nick jr song my oldest daughter loved that and we make me play it over and over (after I finally recorded it.)

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