“Oh I Shouldn’t be This Relaxed!”

A tourist actually said that to me this weekend at the Purple Papaya (adorable little shop in Christiansted.)  I had stopped in on our way to lovely Shoy’s Beach seeking air floatees for Holden.  Didn’t find the floatees,  but did find a large monster truck School Bus with a cursive St. Croix written on the top.  Score. Grabbed it, and a blue monster jeep for Casey (lest I risk the wrath of a child shorted,) and waited in queue.  An older couple was ahead of me purchasing ornaments or shot glasses or some other touristy stuff.  The woman, smiling in a little haze, backed up into me and stepped on my sandal.

Her: “Oh I am so sorry!”

Me: “It’s OK.”

Her: “I am too relaxed, I shouldn’t be this relaxed!”

Needless to say, it made me sad that she felt guilty about being so stress-free, and brought back memories of the WASP-y states.  You can spot a tourist a mile away here.  They are the sunburned people obsessed with cataloging every second of their vacation instead of just living their vacation, snapping picture after picture of every crack in the Christiansted fort.  And feeling guilty for drinking a beer at noon.  For shame!  Gotta love ’em though, they help the economy stay afloat, and will hopefully help sustain this place long past the Hovensa takedown.

Still, it does make me think about our impending move.   Wherever we end up (and it looks like we will have quite a bit of options, because Chris is a rockstar) next I just hope we can avoid the constant state of high blood pressure frenzy that is typical American society.

BTW, the floatees (found at Cane Bay Dive Shop for only $4!) were a success.  My not-quite-3-year-old can swim like a pro with them (especially with the help of his monster school bus)

I really think we have a shot at getting him swimming entirely on his own before his third year.  And his little brother got the smaller-kid floatees, and spent 30 minutes going back and forth in the ocean between us. “now mama” and “now dada” he said with that huge, sunbursting grin of pride.

After the swimming the kids created an amazing Pollock-like painting:

And Holden consequently perfected his tortured artist gaze…

Life is good.


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