Who:  I’m Kelly, a newly-turned (read: I am newly oldfart) 32-year-old woman/mom/ person/ occasional basketcase.  I am in a not-very-scandalous affair with the written word and possess a stroke of luck and lunacy that enabled a move to a rock in the middle of the Caribbean sea with my beautiful boy children (Holden and Casey) and the overachieving love of my life (Chris.)  If the run-on sentence doesn’t convey both my anxiety and excitement about this, nothing will.

This is us, pre-Chrismas Boat Show (amazing) and looking appropriately nerdy. From left: Holden, Chris, Kelly, and Casey.

That is also me in the header above, equipped with hair in sore need of styling, unusually tan skin, and a blind optimism that the hike I was on was about to reach its grand finale. Little did I know, we actually missed the sign to the proper path, and instead had another 7 miles of climbing along an abandoned, ironically-named Scenic Rd (scenic with blown out tires and that’s about it).  Yet when one is faced with a Titanic “I’m the King of the World”-type moment, one must embrace it with true gusto, lest face the wrath of the DeCaprio  (that might be spelled incorrectly but I refuse to look it up) gods .  Plus, there were tide pools at the end, so it was well worth the meandering.

What: I am not anyone of rank or celebrity; it is in fact a blinking question mark of dubiousness if anyone will actually end up reading this virtual rag.  But, I have a selfish desire to catalog the current adventure that my family is on, so here goes nothing.

When:  This blog begins two days before Christmas 2011, thus the homage to the fantasticness (yes, I make up words, like Whitman, ok?) that is “Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys.”  I might also be waxing nostalgic a bit about Jem and the Misfits, but you’ll never make me admit it.  More specifically, Chris was a little teen punk, so the Misfits part suits him.  Last, but definitely not least, my kids have a tendency to be delightfully willful whilst also running apeshit all over the place, so “misfit” is a nice way to put it.

Where:  Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands.  A place we moved to in October 2011, and thus far the strangest, most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

How:  In varying written states of mood, I’d imagine, all dependent upon the oscillating cycles of my mood, fatigue, hunger, misanthropy, and jar of Jack Daniels.  Also, I have now found an appropriately-seaside home for my cursing-like-a-sailor mouth, so if cussing offends you, you might wish to eff off.

But, if you’re the type bitten with a bit of wanderlust –  or seeking sick curiosity about the details of  2 adults hauling 2 incredible kids, at the horrifying ages of 2 and 1, from their birthplace in Austin, Texas, to a rock in the Caribbean sea – feel free to read on and drop me a line.

Because after all, no woman is an island.


2 responses to “About

  1. Found out about you on St. Croix Lime and will be following. Both of my children (although quite a bit older) were born in Austin and we dream of living on St. Croix, so I feel a strange connection. Hope you learn to love rum as well as Jack Daniels – Cruzan Single Barrel is the bomb. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, Pamela! Very serendipitous indeed! And yes, I am definitely trying to learn to love the rum, not only because it seems a necessary part of being an STX resident, but because it is a 1/3 the cost of my dear Tennessee libation. 😉 I hope my blog can add some humor to your day and possibly some more fodder for your STX dreams. Cya around!

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